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The Wildlife and Fisheries Resources Program at WVU is dedicated to developing the next generation of young fisheries and wildlife professionals.

The Wildlife and Fisheries Resources Program at West Virginia University is a fully accredited program with undergraduate, M.S., and Ph.D. programs that can lead to professional certification as wildlife or fisheries biologists. This curriculum focuses on both wildlife and fisheries; preparing students for careers or graduate education in both fields, in the area of management, biology, and ecology.

Wildlife and Fisheries Curriculum Documents

In the Spotlight …

  • Alumna Sheila Eyler is profiled is a USFWS “Science Woman” profile HERE.
  • Wildlife and Fisheries Resources major Hannah Clipp was awarded the 2014 Ben Meadows Natural Resource Scholarship. Read more HERE and in SAF NEWS.
  • A team of West Virginia University researchers is taking “DNA fingerprints” of the Mountain State’s bobcat population to evaluate whether there should be future increases or decreases in bag limits or if the season should be shortened or lengthened. Read more HERE.
  • Alice Millikin, a Wildlife and Fisheries graduate student, will study restored wetlands and their salamander populations as a WVU Ruby Fellow. *Read more HERE.
  • The WVU team of Mathew Gibson and Edward Rude III won the FLW College Fishing Northern Conference Invitational tournament on the Potomac River Sunday. Read more HERE
  • Eric Merriam, a doctoral candidate in Wildlife and Fisheries Resources in the Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design, is the second WVU student ever to be awarded the EPA’s STAR Graduate Fellowship. READ MORE
  • Zack Vucurevich, a senior in DFNR’s program in Wilife and Fisheries Management, is one of eight students picked for the State DNR’s internship program. READ MORE
  • Crissa Cooey, a doctoral student in Wildlife and Fisheries Resources, was recognized for her research into wild bird populations by the Association of Field Ornithologists. READ MORE.
  • Stuart Welsh, Adjunct Associate Professor of ichthyology in Wildlife and Fisheries Resources, discovered a new species of catfish in Australia and recently had his findings published in Copeia, an internationally respected and widely-cited journal that publishes original research on fish, amphibians and reptiles. READ MORE
  • Senior Spotlight: Graduating Wildlife and Fisheries Resources major Bryan Blawut
  • Grad Student Shannon Behmke recognized for her conservation efforts and her dedication to Peace Corps.
  • Congratulations to the WVU Fishing Club for its 2nd Place win at the FLW College Fishing Northern Conference Invitational earlier this month! The win secures $5000 for the WVU chapter. The club’s adviser is Dr. George Merovich.
  • Sharing the Wind: WVU researchers try to balance competing needs of wildlife and energy development.
  • Dr. Jim Anderson, Professor of Wildlife and Fisheries Resources, has co-edited the three-volume Wetland Techniques for Springer.
  • The Society for Freshwater Science has included a piece about research by Division scientists Dr. George Merovich and Dr. J. Todd Petty on stream condition classification systems. You can see the article HERE and the research publication that inspired it HERE.
  • A team at WVU has been working for years with the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources to examine all of the factors that led to warmer temperatures, a wider and shallower stream and other changes that over time threatened the brook trout productivity of Shaver’s Creek as a natural and economic resource. See the mini-documentary HERE.
  • Dr. Todd Petty is currently profiled in a WVU Magazine piece entitled Sustainable Streams, Sustainable Education. See a brief video with Dr. Petty HERE.
  • The Eastern Golden Eagle Working Group, co-led by Dr. Todd Katzner, has received the Wings Across the Americas Award issued by the U.S. Forest Service in recognition of individuals and groups that provide outstanding contributions to international conservation of important bird species. Read more here>>
  • An anonymous donor has gifted the West Virginia University Natural History Museum with a collection of ancient artifacts valued at almost $400,000. See a video from WBOY News here>>